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Privacy by Design and Assessment Guidelines

In this project, we explore how our previously proposed guideline can be used to design ‘new’ IoT applications. Specifically, we wanted to explore the Privacy Mindset of software engineers and how our proposed guidelines may help to enhance their Privacy Mindset. We aim to answer following question using both quantitative and qualitative techniques.

The Internet of Things (IoT) systems are designed and developed either as standalone applications from the ground-up or with the help of IoT middleware platforms. They are designed to support different kinds of scenarios, such as smart homes and smart cities. Thus far, privacy concerns have not been explicitly considered by IoT applications and middleware platforms. This is partly due to the lack of systematic methods for designing privacy that can guide the software development process in IoT. In this project, we propose a set of guidelines, (a privacy by design framework) as a well as a methodology, that can be used to assess privacy capabilities and gaps of existing IoT applications as well as middleware platforms.





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