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Quarriable Smart City Data Markets

Semantic Knowledge Driven On-demand Data Offerings for Quarriable Smart City Data Marketplaces

Cities are increasingly get augment with sensors through public, private, academic sector initiatives. Most of the time, these sensors are deployed by having a primary purpose (objective) in mind (e.g., deploy noise sensors to understand noise pollution) by a sensor owner (i.e., party who invest on hardware investor, for example, a city council). However, over last few years, community has understood the importance of making the sensor data, available for wider community beyond their primary usage. Different business models have been proposed to achieve this including the creation of data marketplaces (e.g., The vision is to encourage new start-up and small businesses to create novel products and services by utilizing the sensor data to generate additional value the economy. At the moment, in data marketplaces, data are sold as pre-defined independent offers (e.g., noise level and car park status data may sold separately). This approach create number of challenges such as (i) difficulties in pricing which leads to higher prices (per dataset), (ii) higher network communication and bandwidth requirement, and (iii) information overload for data consumers (i.e., parties who buy data). In this project, we propose a semantic driven technique to create on-demand data offering for data marketplaces. The objective is to help the data consumers to acquire the most relevant they need to accomplish the tasks at their hand. Our approach goes beyond pre-defined data offering to on-demand custom data offering. More importantly, we solve the three challenges mentioned above. We demonstrate the utility of our approach by integrating it to a real-world IoT data marketplace (developed by project). All the design decisions we made and their consequences (i.e., trade-offs) are discussed with evaluation results. Subsequently, we present series of data modelling principles and recommendations towards implementing future data markets.



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Naeima Hamed, Andrea Gaglione, Alex Gluhak, Omer Rana, and Charith Perera, Query Interface for Smart City Internet of Things Data Marketplaces: A Case Study, ACM Transactions on Internet of Things (TIOT), Volume 4, Issue 3, Article No: 19pp, 1–39