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Smart Home Human Activity Simulation Tool for Research

Over the last few years, many different Internet of Things devices has been made their way into the market. As a result, many smart home solutions have been introduced by different companies. However, at this point, most of the smart home solutions are engineering products built with limited attention to the end-user need. Many researchers are working towards developing more meaningful smart home solutions and looking at the problem from different perspectives such as human-computer interactions, edge computing, psychology. Another aspect is to explore how these smart home solutions could be useful for independent living, disable and vulnerable people. Further, these smart homes systems need to be privacy-aware and secure. These research activities, at some point, need some kind of human activity simulation tool.

Recognising these problems, this project develops a tool capable of simulating human activities in a smart home. A set of precreated scenarios can be made through the simulator tool interface, which will then be published into OpenHAB interface. The OpenHAB platform is used to enable the researcher to display IoT devices of the smart home in its user interface and at the end, obtaining a synthetic dataset ready to research. This was done by setting up the tool with the GUI interface and writing python code to publish the data using the MQTT protocol. A tool interface has been designed to help simulate various human events, enabling the creation of data to be played out so that research can be conducted. Furthermore, it is allowing the creation of multiple files This will help to set-up devices on OpenHAB the same as with real devices. The goal is to create a simulation tool that allows researchers to create realistic synthetic smart home data sequences for helping research purposes, either in real-time or for the generation of any events rapidly. Furthermore, it offers a list of smart sensors and devices that can be expanded to include future emerging technologies.




The open Home Automation Bus (openHAB) is an open source, technology agnostic home automation platform which runs as the center of your smart home.


Technical Report
Asma Alotaibi, Charith Perera, Smart Home Human Activity Simulation Tool for OpenHab-based Research, Technical Report, 2019