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Secure Service Placement for IoT

Optimal Placement and Scheduling of Service Function Chaining (SFCs) under Security Constraints

Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) is a technique used to replace hardware-based functions by a set of software-based functions. These functions are dynamically deployed across multiple clouds based on the cost of deployment, availability of required resources and proximate to the end-user. The process of chaining these VNFs to form end to end service is called Service Function Chaining (SFC). SFC is a set of service functions (SFs) that are ordered to provide a specific service. This study is aimed to propose an algorithm which is used to optimal placement of SFCs in multi-cloud architecture based on security constraints. In addition, this study will build analytics model with taking into account two factors: security constraints and performance.




PETRAS National Centre of Excellence for IoT Systems Cybersecurity is a consortium of eleven leading UK universities which will work together over the next three years to explore critical issues in privacy, ethics, trust, reliability, acceptability, and security.