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Internet of Things Education

The following section has been extracted from the paper "Anna Forster, Jens Dede, Andreas Konsgen, Asanga Udugama, and Idrees Zaman. 2017. Teaching Interent of Things. GetMobile: Mobile Comp. and Comm. 20, 3 (January 2017), 24-28. DOI:".

Teaching the Internet of Things has become vital in engineering, but also very challenging. This is mainly due to the almost unbelievable variety of available systems, hardware and software components, and online resources. The main goal of university-level education is to teach long-lived principles and concepts, and not short-lived systems or tools. At the same time, students also need to know tools and systems in order to be successful in the international job market. This problem is particularly hard in the context of the Internet of Things, where technology experiences breathtaking developments every day, and state-of-the-art today is already outdated tomorrow.

This paper targets exactly this question: how to handle this variety and this very fast pace of development in a university-level course.

While we acknowledge the importance of above mentioned challenges, in this project, we aim to achieve a broader goal. Our objective is not only to focus on developing an university level course, but to develop an broader IoT training program that has a built-in modular structure which can be easily customized to accommodate different types of learners.

Our target segments of learners are:

We aim to answer followsing questions: