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Adapting to Discomfort Towards Sustainable Built Environments

Interactive Technologies for Adapting to Discomfort Towards Sustainable Built Environments

The buildings and buildings’ construction sectors are responsible for over one-third of global final energy consumption and nearly 40% of total direct and indirect CO2 emissions. Many approaches have been proposed in the literature to tackle the challenge of reducing energy consumption in built environments. For example, some approaches focus on automation and predictive behaviour modelling to optimise energy consumption. In contrast, in our project, we chose to use ‘adapting to discomfort’ as our approach to reduce energy consumption. This project aims at developing a design framework to facilitate adaptation to discomfort. By doing this, we aim to reduce energy consumption within built environments. We aim to develop a series of prototypes, conduct co-design workshops, and validate the proposed framework through in-the-wild studies.



Cardiff University

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