Internet of Things Garage

In-Vehicle Edge Security

Detecting In-Vehicle Cyber Attacks through Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus Data Analytics on-the-Edge

In this project, we investigate Controller Area Networks (CAN) bus and its security vulnerabilities and countermeasures in the context of different vehicle networks (e.g., (i) In-vehicle network, (ii) vehicle-to-vehicle and (iii) vehicle-to-infrastructure. Today, vehicles are fitted with a large number of sensors and actuators. These sensors and actuators produce and consume large volumes of data. These data items are managed through a system called CAN bus. At the same time, more and more vehicles are getting connected to the Internet. Furthermore, vehicles also provide a wide range of interfaces that can be used to connect external devices to them, such as mobile phones. Both Internet connectivity and external interfaces create more vulnerabilities. These external connections could be manipulated to conduct cyber-attacks against vehicles. In this project, we aim to develop algorithms that can be used to detect malicious activities and cyberattacks by analysing the CAN Bus data. Further, we will explore how the CAN Controller can be improved to be more secure from cyberattacks from the inside out and vice versa.

This project is supverised (lead) by Prof. Omer Rana




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Emad Aliwa, Omer Rana, Charith Perera, Peter Burnap, Cyberattacks and Countermeasures For In-Vehicle Networks, ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR) Volume 54, Issue 1(21), March 2021 (37)