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Cyber Physical Privacy for Ageing and Learning Disabilities

Privacy Considerations when Designing Smart Home Systems to Facilitate Independent Living for Ageing and Learning Disability Communities

Smart home systems are increasingly collectively large volumes of personal data provide service ranging from home automation to resource-saving (e.g., energy). Smart home systems have the potential to facilitate independent living for ageing and learning disability communities. A key challenge in this domain is privacy and data protection. Both ageing and learning disability communities have limited capabilities in terms of understanding and using technology. Further, current privacy configurations within smart home systems are difficult to use and understand even for technical savvy personal. Therefore, both ageing and learning disability communities face significant difficulties and typically left hopeless when it comes to protecting their privacy and personal data by configuring smart home systems.

Our objective of this project is to develop an ‘Ageing and Learning Disability Appropriate Code’ towards designing smart home systems. We aim to provide a set of guidelines the manufactures so they can implement them in smart systems to facilitate ageing and learning disability communities better.