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Connected Communities in the Rural Economy (CoCoRE)

Connected Communities in the Rural Economy (CoCoRE)

Connected Communities in the Rural Economy (CoCoRE) will bring together experts across the University along with Monmouthshire and Blaenau Gwent County Councils, Cisco, Utterberry, Cardiff City Deal, Innovation Point and Bristol University.

Its focus is centred upon the south east Wales rural region of Monmouthshire and its neighbour Blaenau Gwent. They will innovate in areas such as ‘immersive tourism’ and ‘farming security’ as key parts of the rural economy, whilst leveraging related technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Cyber Security as part of an ‘innovation platform’.

Everyone in every industry will feel the positive effects of 5G and we aim to put rural Wales at the front of the queue through our ‘Connected Communities in the Rural Economy’ project. 5G has speeds up to ten times faster than 4G and will greatly increase mobile capacity across Wales, meaning more people will be able to get online and find and download the content they want, without slowdown.

The availability of 5G also enables other types of key technologies to be realised – such as edge computing and analytics. Cybersecurity also remains a key challenge with the use of 5G, an aspect that will also investigated in this project. 5G technology will also drive the adoption of new application areas such as driverless cars, remote healthcare and the ‘smart’ devices we increasingly use in our homes and at work.

The School of Computer Science and Informatics focuses on the application of Edge Analytics across key use case scenarios.



DCMS 5G Programme Rural Connected Communities

The DCMS 5G Programme Rural Connected Communities funds 5G research and development projects which aims to trial innovative use cases and technical solutions to build the business case for investment in rural connectivity and explore the capabilities of 5G to benefit rural communities.


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