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Reusable Privacy Components for IoT

Motivating Software Engineers to Develop Privacy-aware Internet of Things (IoT) Applications through Reusable Privacy Components and Gamification Techniques

Internet of Things (IoT) applications development and design process is more complicated than others, such as the one for desktop, web, or mobile. That’s because IoT applications need both software and hardware to cooperate across multiple nodes with different capabilities. Moreover, it requires different software engineers with different expertise to cooperate (e.g., frontend, backend, database). Due to the above complications, non-functional requirements, such as security and privacy, tend to be overlooked.

In this project, we aim to develop reusable privacy components and use gamification techniques to motivate software engineers to develop privacy-aware Internet of Things (IoT) applications.




PETRAS National Centre of Excellence for IoT Systems Cybersecurity is a consortium of eleven leading UK universities which will work together over the next three years to explore critical issues in privacy, ethics, trust, reliability, acceptability, and security.